1st Birthday Party

It's only been two months since my son turned one. That's how much I'm on top of things right now.  The day started out pretty rough because my little guy woke up with a wicked cold. He was able to enjoy some of the day but pretty much napped through most of it. Thank goodness it was a pool party and most of our guests were enjoying their time staying cool in the pool.

Food: Seashell Sandwiches (croissant sandwiches), Octo-Dogs, Shark Chum Pasta and Potato Salad, Peanut Butter and Jelly-fish Sandwiches, Sweet Sushi (fruit roll up wrapped twinkies w/ swedish fish), Octo-choke dip, Fresh Fruit Fish, Goldfish Crackers (duh), Sweet 'n Sour Seaweed, Coral Reef Chips

Drinks: Fresh Ocean Water (blue fruit punch), Jellyfish Juice (strawberry lemonade)

Cake: Pineapple Flavored, Fondant Snorkel Boy

Activities: Pin the Tail on the Whale, Swimming, Octopus Piñata (kids grabbed all the tentacles and pulled because it just wouldn't hang from the rope, it worked out even better)

Decorations: fabric buntings with Enzo's name appliqued (made by me), large fish balloons at each table outside, brown craft paper lining the tables, real seashells scattered, scrapbook paper food labels, photos on clothes line of the first year (my favorite)

I am so thankful to all the friends and family that came to celebrate the day with us. 
{photos by Randy husband of Cynthia at Precious Cupakes }


Steph said…
Oh my gosh, what an adorable party!!!!
Anonymous said…
That looks like an AWESOME party!!
Those little shark sandwiches!! Yum!

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