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It's been a year...

It's been nearly two years since I've written anything on this bit of space. It has been sort of a challenge because life has been keeping me quite busy. I was never 100% sure about sharing every aspect of my life online and I do tend to write only what I want you to know. Sure that won't get me any page hits and I won't have any super juicy stories but I know it's for good reason. I don't want to speak badly of others I just really want to be true to how I feel about the goings-on of my life.

I guess we should start with the biggest thing that has happened to my family recently. My Father passed away. He was told he had a very aggressive form of cancer in his bladder and it quickly spread into his kidneys and lungs. He was a fighter and I'm so proud of him for never losing faith in defeating the cancer but it just took its toll on his body. For a long time I felt guilty that I wasn't there for him in every way I probably could have. I did have two chil…

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