doing the do

So today i got my hair did. Thanks mom!
Seriously, i needed a new hair cut and now the color is good too. Didn't take a picture of it but you can take my word for it.

So I had been telling Brian that i was in need of a new cell phone so he called up to see when we would be eligible and lucky for me, I was. I always thought the phones with mp3 players were a waste right......because i already have my iPod so what was the point. Well recently Brian has been using my iPod and i've been going to the gym sans my own music. So i found this the opportune time to get an mp3 cell phone so for the hour that i'm at the gym i could listen to my own music.....Score one for Marci! Now the question is how much of the battery will be wasted on one hour of gym time??? seeing as my cell is my only phone now that we don't have a land line. ok we'll see how it goes.


angela said…
your hair looks great!! but then again, whenever your mom did my hair, it looked great, so there's no surprise there ;)

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