For the Record

i keep hearing everyone your house is really far. and i keep thinking to myself "far from what?" I mean we have everything we need right here and even still.......when we lived in orange county no one came to visit us anyway so what makes it so different now???
Apparently no one knows or has any concept of travel.....most people have to actually drive a distance to get to most places in most other states and apparently driving 30mins is waaay to much time for a friend or family member for that fact, to come visit us.
It really is amazing to me. It is all a state of mind......i don't over think it. if i wanna go somewhere i drive there end of story. So the gas prices are high, when do you think they'll be going down??? we need to work, as it is now we need to commute to get to work so surprise, surprise.......we drive there and work then come home. We don't complain because it is what is and you have to do what you have to do. Most people complain about having traffic when they work 5mins away.
It makes me quite happy to be in my own home and truth be told everything i want or need is right here so from my point of view i'm right where i want to be.


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