Saying Goodbye

Ok so today was the day we said goodbye to Sir Higgins. He now has new parents who i know will take really good care of him. Its a very bittersweet thing though, as bad as i was feeling with the asthma and all it hurt me so bad have to give him away. Luckily the couple who took him welcomed us to visit him whenever which is great but by then will he even remember us?? i don't know. He was so much like a son to us and we looked forward to walking in the door and seeing his cute little face and hearing his whiny little purrr. When we said our final goodbyes we kinda got misty eyed and reality sunk in and thought "our son was no longer here."
I'm hoping to feel better soon and that i won't need to go on any further medication. Well, we still can have visitations.


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