school's out.....

So I finished my last day at OCSHA.....boy was that an experience. I was teaching 7th graders quite possibly the toughest age group. Here these kids are going through changes and trying to figure everything all out.....not to mention the idea that everything that happens to them is a life or death situation. I really do enjoy teaching maybe next time I venture into something like this it will be with an older age group. I've had great success with the Cypress College group. Anyway.....i ended the semester with a video and brought popcorn and candy for the kids. I noticed that in the back of the class a group started forming and no, they were not watching the video. Instead, they were playing a game called suck and blow. What????? I had to seperate them, telling them they HAD to watch the video (which they all claimed had been watching....yeah right) and at the end of class made them take a quiz on the video to prove that none of them were watching. Do they think we are blind??
It makes you think.....was I like that??? Most likely I was but of course don't remember it at all. I know that I used to talk a lot in class and now that i've been teaching, understand how annoying that can be to the teacher.
There are a few of those kids that I will miss. They were so helpful all semester and I would love to see where they end up. As for next year.....they offered me the job but i declined. I'm gonna try some other things.


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