Settling In

so, we are settling in to our new home and its pretty awesome. we just need some friends to come over and warm it up for us. So i feel like...."wow we really have our act together" we're young, married, and now we have our home. yet there is still something in the back of my mind that doesn't feel like we're really that ahead of the game. Maybe its that I haven't found the right job. I know Brian is happy and loves what he does. I feel like i'm just wandering aimlessly hoping to have something miraculously fall into my lap, which of course doesn't just happen. I want something fun that has something to do with my education, my passion but most definitely has to be constant. It seems like all the jobs i get are never long enough, why can't i find something year around?? I was thinking i might go back to school for business and maybe open my own boutique or shop or something like that.
The reason i'm saying this is because eventually i'd like to start having a family, i just feel like we wouldn't make it on what i make especially at the rate i'm making it. I have fun at what i do now, but its not a full time gig and i'm tired of relying on other people for my next gig. So we'll see what my next move will be.


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