so i just got this really strange feeling down in the pit of my stomach. i have never really felt like this before and i feel like i'm going to throw up. i'm terrified. it just came out of nowhere.

this year is gonna be full of work and working with new people. this idea is kinda scary to me because damn, i want to keep my awesome job and i hate feeling overwhelmed and somehow the phone call i just recieved from my new 'boss' very much OVERWHELMED me.

i guess what it comes down to is this. i had already signed my contract to work and she called today to change it a bit which really sucks because i really need to work some of those dates and NOW my new schedule overlaps with other shows i'm working on.

here i thought i was a multitasker and im fearing for my dear busy life. my stomach is turning and turning and i feel the puke rising up my throat. i just hope they don't make me work the night i'm supp0sed to see Wicked because its all over then!


Angela said…
okay, if they make you work the night of wicked, your ass is calling in sick! i mean it!

all kidding aside, i'm sorry this isn't working out for you. you've probably already told them how this is interfering with other projects your working on, so how did they react to that?
Marci said…
i still need to hear back from cypress to confirm the dates i'm working there.....and depending on that i can get back to them. they said they can move around my schedule but having a mortgage now its tuff cus, i need money soon not later. ya know......sheeze!
Angela said…
i hear ya...

everything will work out ok!! don't worry yourself sick - if you do, then you won't be able to work at all!


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