As Time Goes By

its amazing how fast time passes. and i'm not saying i regret anything that i've done but i do wish we had more time. time to spend with the ones we love with no restrictions like work or school or anything. i guess sometimes the people who have the time dont appreciate those around them as much.

so granted....yes i am an adult now with adult responsibilities (wow, responsibilities, now that is tough). why do i plan so much after all 'life is short'. i worry way too much about things that may or may not even happen. so why not appreciate each day because i may never get the chance to have the responsibilities that i fear so much.

i had a dream about 2 years ago that makes sense to me now. i guess it was a kind of premonition i suppose. it only made clear to me that, things come to you when they do and we may not be ready so don't worry for tomorrow just live for today. in this dream i had lost something Very valuable and woke up in the midst of having a breakdown looking for it. Well i woke up pretty scared and started to worry about something way before i even knew it was going to happen. this probably doesn't make any sense but it all became so clear today.

so in regards to my last blog.......i am doing the best i can within my abilities. And i can't worry for others, all i can do is be there and be supportive.

i've had many things happen to me and all i can do is ask God to let it pass. i've gotten tired of being angry, sad, and worried about what others would think and i can care less.......Now.

I know the people who know me and love me would be there for me. and that's that!

so to time goes by we realize that we don't have much of it left so, lets laugh >: D


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