keeping up with The Bloggers......

wow, didn't realize how hard it is to keep up with this thing. it seems like its been awhile.
Anyhow, i just got a quicky job starting in a couple weeks before i start at the Opera so problem (from my last blog) resolved :)

so i finally got my Dior Sunglasses "prescriptioned" check em out...............................sweet!
so.....i bought the new harry potter book and haven't even started it!!! i know lame but i've been busier than i thought i'd be. We just had some family from Mexico here and it was really nice to hang out with them or as they would say...."chido"
Oh exciting we just paid our first mortgage. So we are officially adults now right? payments.....crazy. But we keep receiving all this mail about homestead, insurance, home protection, how are we supposed to know what we need and don't need or for that matter what is real and what is trash.
Our loved cat....Higgins has now gone to a new home. a friend of mine from college was happy to give him a good home and he seems very loved there. we miss him terribly even though i don't really miss my allergies. its amazing how horrible you feel giving away a family member and to think he's probably already forgotten about us. sheeeze!
so i think i've caught up on a few things. i'll try to keep up daily but i get lazy so bare with moi!!!!


Angela said…
gah! your hair...those glasses....PERFECTION!! as alexis says, "schloves it"!!!!!!!!

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