Where is this Real World that they're talking about???

i had the chance to watch the season premiere of the new 'real world' and i'm thinking to myself "where the hell do they find these people?" ok , i do have my guilty pleasures on MTV like 'the hills' and 'dancelife' and sometimes the 'truelife:documentary' shows but goodness have they jumped the shark with this show. i thought it was supposed to be about 'real' people and all i'm seeing are cookie cutter girls a.k.a. 'bro-hoes' with fake boobs and empty heads. let us not forget the guys 'muscles' , ' hicks' with empty head......scratch that, sex on the brain 24/7.

i remember watching this show when it was good, when people had thoughts and ideas of their own and everyone in the cast was from a different walk of life. is this where our future is heading? are these the people we are trusting to lead the free world? i hope not because that's just shameful.

What has this world come to?


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