getting Wizzed

So, so, much to do. i just finished my last day at SCR and it was an absolutely great experience. at first i was nervous like any other time i start a new job and don't really know anyone. i feel like i made some really good friends though of which thought i did quite a good job. i've been looking forward to this day as well as fearing it.......why you may ask? Well, today is the end of one job but the beginning of two. i start working at the Opera on monday which will be great but its trying to juggle that, Cypress College's production of The Wizard of Oz, and keep up my home life (that includes the comute). All this talk about Wizard of Oz just gets me all pumped up for Wicked. Yes, Finally........i'm going to see it in three weeks so if something else comes up.....too bad, i'm still going.

So tonight, i'm catching up by watching the movie.......since its been quite a few years since i last saw this classic. i'm totally sleepy too. i'm going on my 7th day of work. Days off, what are those?? Well sunday is a good day to rest, but not after giving the house a good cleaning. Especially after finding a Black widow out on the porch. i tried to step on it but it took off and hid. yeah, that kinda scares me to have that stupid spider out there. God knows i've been traumatized by the movie Arachnaphobia for too many years.

anyhow, i'm gonna continue watching and get all Wizzed out! Here comes Glinda in her big bubble, awwwww.

Lions and Tigers and Bears oh My........yup we are definitely not in Kansas anymore.


angela said…
i liked this blog! got me excited for Wicked!! woohooo!!

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