Labor of Love

yup that's right, i have to work labor day weekend. well of course not the entire weekend. i got to spend some time with my friends friday night and ate some very delicious food, filipino to be exact. its always good times when we hang out with Angela and Ed although i wasn't my usual self this friday just cus i was way tired from work. no matter how tired i am, nothing will ever stop me from hanging out- for real!

today we went to the park for Nico's birthday and boy was it hot. let me re-phrase was an INFERNO!!! 104 degrees in Anaheim, that is insane! Either way, it was nice to hangout with family and catch up with people i haven't seen in forever because like always i'm Working.

i'm going to check out the IKEA catalog and start decorating my house because frankly, it looks bare.

peace out


angela said…
we love hanging out with you guys too. you're our favorite couple!!

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