WuH Happened?

i've been uber busy and i was counting on my DVR to capture all the upcoming SEASON PREMIERE'S, especially HEROES........it was not recorded. I called Brian who was home just to remind him to check it was set. (i'm telling you, i really was excited to see this premiere) Brian was not answering the phone, so i called his work phone and he told me he was on hold with AT&T.

I don't know if anyone out there has heard of the new technology ATT has come up with. Its FiberOptic Cable.....only available in a few locations, ours being one of them. They basically promised us that this was exclusive and very reliable. You see, we've had problems in the past with Time Warner, so we made sure this was the right choice. So far its been good and Now This, on the most important Television Day. Brian made a joke saying the DVR was not working because SO many people were recording Heroes. I kept thinking YUP that's it, trying to justify this problem.

So long story short.......i didn't get to see it NOOOOOO. Please i hope there are still re-runs on the Sci-Fi channel. I got home just in time to watch the Hills. Wow, i've forgotten what its like to watch TV without being able to FForward the comercials. It seemed to run on forever. I got home today and YES, they fixed it!!!! I got to DVR Reaper, which i'm totally excited about too......and lest we forget about Grey's on Thursday. I do hope it continues to entertain me because it is so sad to watch a show for 3 seasons and then have them take it into a whole new direction which i felt they were heading towards at the end of last season. Ok. done venting.


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