In a minute, i'm busy

life is soooo on hold right now. for house, its a mess. Seriously, its to the point where i can barely see the floor. Overtime is not optional its pretty much mandatory. at this very moment i should probably be sleeping after those awesome 12hr days WooHoo! instead i'm on here relaying all the wonderful things that have been happening. Well, where should i begin? First of all i finally went to see Wicked. Talk about Amazin!!!! Yup, i cried. I was having an emotional week and it ended on quite the right note. we left early met up with Angela and Ed and went to dinner before the show at The Stinking Rose. it was absolutely delicious. we had left overs the following day enough for me and Brian to share. i will be making my Wicked 'groupie' shirt soon......when i get time (aint that my life story). we (me and angela) decided to plan an LA tourist day, its coming soon. Now, i'm working on Wizard of Oz and its pretty crazy. There are so many changes and so little time. not to mention that i only have about 2 people to crew these changes and its a lot of pressure, hence crazyness. This is not the only problem. everyone seems to be sick or getting pretty close to being sick and being in such close proximity to them has gotten me feeling a sore throat. I kept reminding everyone to start taking some Vitamin C or Emergen-C or airborne and decided to stop at the store, Wal Wal to be specific and buy some myself. i searced down the cold med aisle, then the vitamin aisle and couldn't find anything so i decided to forget about it and look for other things i had needed to buy. As i was walking down, i heard an anouncement on the loud speaker about buying Emergen-C which was exactly what i had been looking for and they said to go the Pharmacy area. So i returned and began looking once more without any success. So this is my question......why make a comercial announcement if they don't even carry it in the store???

Back to 'my life being on hold'.....the next 2 weeks are gonna be crazy. Not only am i opening a show this week but then we start Tech for the Opera next week and opening that the following week. When is my next day off you may ask?? not until Oct 20th. Yes, that is about 2 weeks away. I will be celebratinig my birthday because like every other event in my life will be working through my actual birthday. We will be Drunk and Putting. Yup drinking and mini golf, let me not forget to mention that i will be working the very next day early in the morning. But you know what, i think about it and realize there could be worse things to complain about. i'm getting paid to do what i enjoy. i guess what i'm trying to say is i work great under pressure and almost feel wierd when that sense of 'pressure' isn't there when i work at a 'different' type of job. i need constant change and challenges. not that i have ADD or anything but i love to know all and multitask........

alrighty have i branched off on enough tangents????

i guess one more wouldn't hurt.....i just found out that they show re-runs of Degrassi Next Generation on Channel 5 lat at night. Sweet!

ok goodnight!


Angela said…
i know your schedule is hectic, but i'm glad you're doing what you love. it drives you, and it shows! =]

can't wait for LA Tourist Day!

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