I recently took a trip to Michael's craft store to pick up some things for work and as made my way down the aisles i felt inspired. Ok i know i always start projects and never seem to finish them but i really want to start painting. I saw these blank canvas'asking, or maybe i should say......begging for some love and attention. I then proceeded to the paints and it really is amazing how certain colors were calling my name. Unfortunately i'm a bit tapped out on money especially now that we're gonna go out for my birthday......which is today.

let me just talk about today......i walked into work and was crowned by my co-workers with a tiara. i had a huge list of things 'to do' for work so i was looking forward to getting as much done as possible so i wouldn't have to stay late. But, before i had to head out they sang to me and iris made a chocolate cake (yum) and kathy brought in some 'pan dulce' and amanda brought in some horchata. we had a mini surprise celebration. i work with some pretty amazing peeps.

back to my painting. the day after my trip to Michael's i went into work to 'paint' a coat that we were building for La Boheme. it was pretty intense. my emotions towards painting this coat. i want more......the urges are strong and they are not stopping. Canvas, brushes, paint, and time. this is what i need to start. i get so excited just thinking about it. my very own original art on my very own house walls.

maybe i watch way too much Heroes but i feel like Isaac where i can completely invision what i want to paint. lets do this!


angela said…
when i was taking art classes in college, our teacher always recommended us to go to the art supply warehouse. they're wayyyy cheaper than michael's and they've got a bigger selection of everything! if you ever wanna go check it out, let me know and i'll go with you! =]

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