against the grain

I was just reading someone's blog and they were speaking about this new movie coming out The Golden Compass. So there is this huge deal about the author of the book that this movie is based on. Apparently the author is an athiest and his intention is to "kill God". I actually recieved an email from a friend of mine regarding the ideals of this movie. It was only a guide to the background of this film so that people and parents more than anything would have a better understanding before they choose or choose not to watch the movie. Many people, specifically Christians, are freaking out and 'supposedly' boycotting the movie and that is fine. But this one person wrote and basically told people to stop freaking out so much because there is nothing wrong with watching this movie or reading the book. Instead this person was putting the blame on the people sending out these emails. Saying that because of the emails it only gives the film more publicity. In turn this extra publicity, will only do the opposite of what the email orignally intended. Does this person not realize that emails are now the way people communicate to each other?? Personally I'd rather be informed that way if i do choose to watch the an ADULT I can decipher the messages that are supposed to be in the subtext of this movie.

When i first saw the trailer for this movie, it in all honestly, it gave me the creeps. It did seem as though they were gearing it towards children. As for children, who cannot always decipher hidden messages in movies i feel the email sent out was of great importance. Being Christian/Catholic......its hard enough living in this confusing world, its even harder for kids and adolescents. Just because you want to read the book and watch the movie does not mean you should stop people from passing on the message. That's all i have to say.


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