all i want for christmas....

well of course its not all i want for christmas, i'm a girl, i want everything!!! but in all seriousness......i've been looking for these suckers for over a year. i bought a pair last year when i was NYC from a street vendor at a street fair.

i know what you might be thinking.....these are Crocs

well, yes and no. they are very similar some may even say knock offs but these, are the lovely Canadian Gekko's

they are super comfy..... at least to me they are and super affordable. i have tried Croc's in the past but somehow they just never worked for me, they were hard and either too small or to big. blah!

just one of the lovely items i'm wishing for this Christmas (specifically this style)

one pair in every color!

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AccordingToAngela said…
oh wow, i didn't know they had them in that style that you want! super cute!

ed and i are leaving for san diego this weekend and i plan on wearing my frocs (fake crocs) that my brother got for me in the philippines. they are so much more comfy than the real thing!! I hope you find 'em :)

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