being away

it's amazing how much you miss home a.k.a. get homesick even if it's only been 3days. i wanna be home and have my own personal space. i don't even have my car so i can't just get up and go anywhere. and walking?? forget about it, not in this heat. sleeping in another bed too it really sucks. i woke up this morning with the worst kink in my neck. i can't wait to see my hubbs tomorrow, i'll be counting down the minutes.


Angela said…
i know how you feel...i have issues with not sleeping in my own bed. if it's at someone else's house, i'm even worse off because i don't like the feeling of people watching me while i sleep so i get paranoid and wake up right away if i hear a noise!

it's even harder when ed's not there with me, so i understand what mean when your hubby isn't there. try to make the most of your vacation, girlie! i'll see you when you get back :)

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