family photo op

we went down to the local JcPenney's to take a family pic for the first time in about 10 years. a professional family pic. we all wore red and it was all going well, we had even invited my brother's girlfriend to be in the pic. well, i've learned from the past that as nice as it is to have gfriends/bfriends in the family pic......being that they are not officially in the family yet things can always change. i realized this too late. our session had ended and i completely forgot to get a shot of just the, dad, brother, me, and husband. huh??? i set this whole thing up for that specific pic. i asked the girl if we could just take one more shot and she said NO. we would have to reschedule to take more pics.....reschedule??? was she crazy. it's hard enough to get us all together in one place on one day, she was asking me to do this again just for one more shot??? i haven't yet mention that i have been trying to pull this thing together for the last few years and had scheduled this recent photo session 4weeks ago. there was no way i was gonna have to come back and plan this whole thing again and pay another package fee. so i begged and pleaded with her. i must be good because she sneaked us back in for 6 quick shots and Voila!!! we got the prefect shot. we looked gorgeous!! we get our pics in 2 weeks. i'm pretty stoked.

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oh good, you got it! i was just gonna say that if you didn't get it, ed could just photoshop her out lol

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