first of the month

not only is it payday, its the start to the blog-a-day month. I guess i could mention that today is Ugly Betty/Grey's day. the day that i really look forward to watch tv. Whats great about Ugly Betty tonight is that they are going to a performance of Wicked. Of course the show takes place in NYC and Wicked performs at the Gershwin on 50th. I don't know why i assumed they filmed in NY. apparently they don't, they filmed the show at the Pantages. Seeing that i had just gone to see the show in September, the theatre looked very familiar............interesting. Grey's Anatomy is actually starting to get on my nerves. What happened to Meredith's mouth?? it seems like shes got collogen mouth. Gross. I still miss Denny too. Whats even better is that tomorrow is friday, the payday continues.


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