giving my thanks

so today is the day we are to give thanks. i usually like to do this on a daily basis with the exception of the "stuffing your face" part. i quite enjoy that part of the day. now, the part of the day that i love to put thought into......a prayer before we eat. what to say and how to say it. should i do it in spanish, english, or bilingual. should i write something out or should i just wing it. i even gonn be saying grace this time around?? well i guess i shouldn't worry so much and if i do get asked to say a little prayer i'm sure it will come from the heart. Now let the wine begin to flow. Wishing everyone the best the day has to offer and many, many, special sales tomorrow morning!!!!

ps. how great is it that there will be a new episode of Grey's and October Road on tonight?? (its a rhetorical question)


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