hitting the road

i'm outta here! nope not leaving the blog, just the state. i'm heading out to the in-laws for thanksgiving. technically i'm not hitting the road i'm actually flying out. it will be a nice 45min flight. i will be going alone and the hubbs will drive out there wednesday. i guess that's what happens when you have to work all the way up to the last minute. then we will drive back home together next weekend. lucky for me, the in-laws do have a computer and i can keep up my blogging. why is it that every time i have a great idea for a blog during my day, then get on here and completely go blank?? i wonder if that's what writer block is like.

so i guess i can say this has been a great challenge for me to come up with a topic everyday without sounding like a complete A-hole always complaining about something. yeah that's right we are a bunch of complainers all of us are we just hate to admit it. because of this i've given myself the challenge of not saying 'Hate' so much. i'm constantly hating this, that, them.....what have you. its all about love!



Angela said…
have a GREAT time!! happy early turkey day :)

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