home again

i have finally arrived home!!! it is terribly exciting to be home but not so terribly exciting to be SICK. yup, coughing and sneezing and feeling rather gross. the week went by pretty ok except for this. it all started yesterday morning. i woke up to do some early 'black friday' shopping when all the stores open at 5am.....i arrived at 12noon. the plan was to go early and come home early and that wasn't quite the case. i woke up with a really sore throat and the drastic weather change was the cause. it went from being 80* to 50* (*=degrees) in a matter of a day and i was just not prepared. i can barely talk....hmm, no i can barely breathe that's how sore my throat is along with the runny sneezy nose. YUCK!!! i hate this because tomorrow i have to take a family portrait and i will look gross with my awful red rudolph nose and puffy swollen eyes.....just wonderful!!!

can i just mention how lovely it is to be back in my own bed??? because i was sleeping on a matress that felt like i was sleeping on a rock. every morning my body ached like nobody's business and now i get to rest comfortably.

i did start reading Harry Potter 7.....it makes me sad that this is the end. i haven't gotten too far in but just the realization that this obsession of mine will be done at least until the movies come out. i can't wait.

oh yeah and the cable at my in-laws kept cutting out so this week i missed all of my regular shows.....Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway, and October Road the show i've been wanting to see the most. too bad i hadn't set my DVR to record some of those. lame!!!


Angela said…
feel better! and hey, at least you're a make-up artist - you can hide your red stuffy nose with your skills! hehe

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