I don't think.......I know

so i missed a day of blogging but it was sooo worth it. i got to go see the concert tour of So You Think You Can Dance in Arizona. my brother in-law works for the arena and got box seats for us. i must say i did enjoy it. they performed their favorite dances from the season. my favorite was this one......it's latin, it's hot, what else is there to say, just watch for yourself!

i don't think i can dance......i know i can!!!!

i am a total groupie but unfortunetly could not attend the meet and greet portion of the night because they had set it later in the evening to allow for a type of news conference. apparently one of the girls in the show is from Arizona originally so they had to do some special event for her. we wanted to go home and sleep because we had been up since early morning to catch our flights in. my flight was so pleasant too, their were no lines and hardly anyone on the plane. the flight is approx. 1 hour and by the time they had served the complimentary drinks we were already about to land so i had to chug down my drink and here it comes TMI.....i drank my soda so fast it gave me really bad gas. i kept burping all the way to the in-laws, gross.....sorry. anyhow, i'm here now and completely relaxing and enjoying my time off waiting for the lovely thanksgiving meal. i bought some pumpkin pie today i have been craving for a while now.


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