never buffet

i was invited to dinner this evening. the location.....Hometown Buffet. usually i never do the buffet thing, i guess it kind of always grossed me out. i should remember to trust my judgement. but, being that i was invited i didn't want to be rude and suggest something else. so there i was, i took a trip to the bathroom to wash my hands and the first thing i see is a little girl throwing up in the sink. her mother was trying to clean up her mess and it was just soooo gross. the mother of this little girl kept saying...."you always get sick everytime we come here"
i kept thinking it was the combination of so many foods and the 'bang for your buck mentality' and why would you keep coming back if your kids get sick??? NEVER AGAIN!!!!


erik said…
Hey there, I saw your comment on "Fantastical Mediocrity" on how you never get any comments and thought I'd leave a comment.
I got taken to Hometown Buffet for my (32nd) birthday. Of all the places! Then I saw all the senior citizens around and realized I'd been taken to the Old Folks Restaurant. It was hilarous.

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