never enough

i was thinking today how we are never happy with what we have. no, this is not a new thought or anything.......everyone always thinks about it. but i was really, really thinking about this today and with it, the idea of the deals we make with God. when we are young we always wish and pray to be older as though being older would make life waaaay better. we could never just enjoy being a kid. then the second we get what we wished for we forget we even asked for that then begin to ask for the next thing. when things don't really come easy in life we make deals with God. we promise that the second we get what we prayed for we would repay it somehow. but the way we repay it is by asking for the next thing. "if i could only pass my driver's test" "if i could only get a car" "if i could only find someone to love me" "if i could only buy a home" "if i could only get a great job" "if only my face/body/boobs looked better" "if i can only lose 5lbs."

very often we forget to be thankful for these things. i'm totally guilty. why are we never happy, and why is it never enough?


Angela said…
my feel on it is that society has conditioned us to feel this way, and the fact that we feel like there is "never enough" of what we want just perpetuates that feeling.

i'm guilty of it too. i haven't been to church in a month and before that, it was MANY months! and yet here I am, begging God to have mercy on me and all the health issues i'm having. i'm not saying God is punishing me, but i definitely see this as an eye opener and a wake up call to get back to church and give my thanks to Him for all he's done. it's really easy to lose sight of that when you're concentrated on your own problems, you know?

anyway...great post. gave me a lot to think about!

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