oh what a day

talk about a busy, busy day. i woke up pretty early this morning to meet with the director of the event for church. i went to the church offices to only find that she had to sub for a teacher that did not show up that day for cathecism. i had to wait about 1 1/2hrs. i decided to visit my mom at work and it was a smart choice because she had a chance to give my eyebrows a good shaping. i even got a free breakfast out of it when my dad showed up.....Sweet! i met up again at the church offices and things didn't go as smoothly as i hoped but what can i say, i'll do my best with the time i have.

i headed to JCPenney for their huge sale and bought some pretty awesome new bath towels. after i left i headed towards the bridal shop i used to work at in HB. i had finally decided that after 4years of marriage to box up and preserve my wedding gown. it was great to see my ex-coworkers and catch up on all the drama. Alexis met up with me there and she almost made me pee my pants(seriously, when does she not?). Don had gone to lunch so we didn't have to see him while we were there but he got back right when we were planning on leaving for lunch. we had to make a quick exit and it totally felt like mission impossible. we eventually got out and headed to Subway. Yup, our usual lunch hangout. Why do we love that place so much? maybe the guy with the ponytail at the San Diego Subway we went to inspired us to make it a tradition. Ha!

after lunch we decided to go to the new 2 story Target across the street. it literally took us forever to find parking or maybe we were to lazy to park far and walk. yup we were lazy. what a disappointment that place was. you'd think, with all that space they'd fill it with something interesting but it was all the same junk. we wanted to get some sort of dessert treat and went to the snack shop and they didn't even have desserts on the menu just Nachos,Hotdogs, Popcorn, and Soda type stuff. the guy behind the counter told us to hit up Rite-Aid, what an excellent suggestion.

as we were eating our yummy ice cream, double scoops of choco-malted crunch/pistachio we shared some pretty funny stories. we took a quick gander into Susie's Deals too. i couldn't find anything but Alexis scored and got herself some cute yet random things. all in all it was a very good day!


Angela said…
grrrrrrrrrreat success!

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