saving some daylight

today we got to sleep one hour extra. Great! really great for me because i had to go to work today. granted i only worked 3 hours but it was quite pleasant. i'm not planning on doing much today. we are supposed to have some friends stop by that we haven't seen in a couple of months. i did go to the store today to buy some pumpkin pie that i've been craving.......they had none. well, not really......they only had the Sara Lee frozen pumpkin pie that you let thaw out. Nah, didn't want kind. so i left with a bag of tortilla chips and some cheese.....yup, i'm making nachos! i felt i made an excellent choice for dinner. i'm gonna finish vegging for the rest of the day and get ready for the work week ahead. peace out!


Angela said…
you're doing sooo good on the nablopomo challenge! i missed the first freakin' day - darnit =(

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