vacation......come on down

im ready! sooooo ready. i want to be in my PJ's all day long doing absolutely nothing. well i take that back.....i will be painting and sewing. i am counting down the days for Disneyland, i'm so excited since i haven't been in about 3 years. two more days of work and i'm free for the next 3 weeks the only thing that sucks is the way i'm feeling right now. my allergies have gotten so bad and i've taken my usual Claratin and nothing seems to be working. Blah!

since starting NaBloPoMo i've come across some very interesting blogs. they have been inspiring and have great resources for artsy, crafty things. i've been wanting to re-cover my couch cushions but i haven't really found the right fabric. i've been looking on potterybarn, ikea, and crate and barrel but haven't really found the right thing or maybe they charge an arm and a leg. i was thinking of taking a trip upto LA to Mood fabrics and buying some amazing prints, i'll definitely have the time to make something work.

now i have to clean up my pile of kleenex.


Angela said…
sorry about your allergies =[

can't wait to see all the creative things you come up with for your big, comfy home!

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