i started the day kinda slow....slept in had some breakfast then headed over to Angela's so we could head to Disneyland for the day. we stopped at Trader Joe's on the way to pick up some lunch and avoid paying $20 for a hamburger in the park. As we approached the main gates, we couldn't contain our excitement. it was Monday and we figured not many people would be there but apparently many people took Veteran's Day off. the lines weren't too bad the only one that took long really was the line for Finding Nemo. it was super exciting to be back in those yellow subs but they did seem to be much smaller than i remember. i screamed more than the kids at the scary parts.

i must really be getting old......because some of those rides were going pretty fast, faster than i had remembered them going in the past. the last time i had gone to D-land was about 3 years ago so it was about time to head back and check out all the new changes. i had never been on the BuzzLightYear ride so we got on and i pretty much kicked Angela's butt......what can i say i'm good with a lazer.

we went on the tea cups......Angela Loves Those!!!! hahaa we got dizzy and began to crave ice cream, go figure.

but my favorite event of the day was Splash Mountain. Yup......we waited in line and were looking forward to it really. when we finally got to the front of the line we were set up in the middle of the 'log' and the people who were in front asked us if we wanted to switch with them......i did not hesitate and said "yes, i totally love to sit in the front" WHAT A FREAKIN MISTAKE. it didn't start off too bad until we hit our first little drop, not too bad is what i thought until this big wave of water came crashing on us. then the second little drop........and more waves of water. it was as though someone was dumping buckets of water directly on us. now, if this weren't bad enough we had one last HUGE drop to make, i kept thinking man i can't get more wet than i already am......i was wrong! as we made the final splash i ducked my head to avoid more mascara running from my eyes and the largest wave thus far came crashing down on ALL of us. we were all soaking wet, every single one of us in that damn log.

So......i was basically DRENCHED! my purse, which is made of canvas, soaked! i was sooooooooo uncomfortable. Angela seemed to be drying off faster than i was and as the night got colder i felt even more uncomfortable. we headed to some of the shops near by and i purchased myself some pants for a mere $40. they were pirate pajama pants not too bad actually just a tad long for me so i was dragging them around for the rest of the night. i had to take off my shirt and jeans switch to my new pirate pants and sweatshirt which was miraculously still dry and looked like i was ready for bed. i felt sooo comfy and warm. i kinda felt bad for angela because she was still drying off too. i didn't take any pics after that event because A)my camera was all wet and B)we looked soooo scary with our mascara/eyeliner running down our faces and our hair looking not, nice. HA! what a day.

after getting on a couple more rides we decided to go. we were feeling kinda pooey after wearing stinky splash mountain water. we got back to angela's house and her hubbs made us dinner. it was really good. i ended up staying until 11:30 talking about everything. all in all it was a fun day and very much story worthy. we will defintely never forget our trip to D-land this time around. its pretty much the last time i will ever get on Splash Mountain ever again!


Angela said…
good memories, fo' sho!!

doesn't my face look STELLAR in the buzz light year pic! yeah it's only because i suck at that game! LOL

i love the time we spend together and i love our talks! thanks for being a great friend! here's to more fun times and NO MORE splash mountain! ick!

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