christmas extravaganza

last night we went over to Cathrine's house for an excellent christmas party. we brought over some wine and that went fast. yum! there was great food and friends but most of all RockBand. YES!!! how much do i love this game. so i thought i wanted a Wii but i guess i need to get me an XBOX. i found out this week that Scene It, and Rockband are both available on XBOX and they are both excellent games to play. let's get this straight, i'm not much of a video game girl but i can rock out like no other. i was doing lead vocals and drums, drums being my favorite. who know's if i play enough maybe i can sing and drum at the same time! or.....maybe i just had to much wine, or Melrose's dip which was absolutely de-lish! now i gotta find out who took pictures and post them. good times. it was a great way to kick off the week of fun for me. yes i have the whole week off.......well until Ded 30 where i'll go back for about half a day then i get 2 days off and back to work on the 2nd.

while we were over at CasaCortez we got to see our other favorite doggy, Bailey Bear. yup Big B was smitten. after hanging out with Roxy he's been asking for a dog similar to these lovely shihtsu's. i've always felt that it would be selfish to have a dog because we are always so busy and they need tons of attention. although they are cute i'm also afraid i might be allergic somehow. we've already made that mistake with our cats. what would we do if i was allergic??? so we were doing some research on hypoallergenic dogs, not free of allergens but pretty close to it, and we might be getting a dog. Adopting a dog takes a lot of money. caring for a dog takes a lot of money and time. so suffice it to say i'm nervous and excited at the same time. Angela sent me a text this morning of a cute dog that is considered hypoallergenic and we were quite interested. we'll see.


hey! i'm still waiting to hear from my aunt. will let you know as soon as i hear from her!

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