early christmas

i have not been happy with my cell phone lately so i found a great deal through Radio Shack and got myself a new phone.

here's a little description....
"The latest addition to Sony Ericsson's Walkman range of mobile phones combines a stylish slider design with a wide array of media functions.

Despite being a mere 14mm thin, the W580i can store up to 470 full-length tracks (on a 512MB Memory Stick Micro), capture two-megapixel photos and tune into FM radio. Built-in sports features such as a pedometer can count your steps and calories and calculate speed, distance and time as you exercise, while 3D games, a full HTML web browser with RSS, instant messaging and email keep you entertained on the move. The sliding cover allows the handset to fit in a large 2in colour screen and conceals the main keypad and camera when not in use, with the audio controls still at your fingertips." ok,enough of the info-mercial.

i was really excited about this phone. i had been using a Sony before and switched to a Samsung Sync which i was not thrilled about. i found it difficult to use. now i'm back to using the menu's and options i was used to and not to mention, this really great neon green light that lights up the phone. it came with earphones just like a classic walkman (ah....memories of the 'classic Walklman') and i can tune in to FM stations......on my phone??? sweet.


AccordingToAngela said…
that phone is kickin ass and takin' names!

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