i cleaned my house today!! i finally had the energy to get it all done. i'm talking about weeks of untidy-ness.

if you could see me now you would laugh. as i was cleaning, i was kicking up all this dust and my allergies started kicking in. i now have tissue up my nose to stop it from running. at first it was stuffed then Brian gave me some Affrin (that stuff burns) and now its runny.

i do not like feeling snotty.

i went dress shopping this week. i have a wedding to attend this weekend, my friend Stephanie will be joining the club (married ladies club). we've been friends since we were 6 and i couldn't be happier for her. i've known about the wedding for a long time and yet i hadn't had a chance to find something to wear. sure, i have plenty of clothes in my closet but nothing appropriate enough for a wedding(at least not anything i haven't worn over 20 times to other weddings). i swear i'm starting to look like a walking photograph. this is the dress

this picture does it no justice......and my boobs don't quite fit into it (but seriously if i counted on that, i would never find a dress that fit me) it will literally take me years to find a dress that fits without having to alter it. i'll defintely have to post pics from the wedding.

i wanted to straighten my hair but apparently it will be raining that day. i can't have a cute dress and disasterous hair so suffice it to say i will be leaving it curly. good thing i just got my roots done. now......i'm going shoe shopping tomorrow, i know, i need to buy a whole outfit. the shoes i wanted at nordstrom cost more than the dress so i'll opt for some less expensive shoes.

dress shopping not so much fun.....shoe shopping makes me happy!!!

hopefully the tissues in my nose will be out by saturday.

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Angela said…
that dress is super cute!! is this stephanie karr that we're talking about? if so, tell her i said congrats and please do post up some pics!!

i will be cleaning house for sure tomorrow! and i'm not sure, but i think we're going to cali adventure on sunday because our 2fer deal is gonna be up soon and i think that we won't have another chance to use it before it expires :(

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