holding in a chuckle

so random.....but here it goes.

i started reading again. no, i never stopped reading i just got back into it again recently. sure it started with the Harry Potter series but then i thought, what should i read next. it's difficult to just find a book and be interested in it. i'm not much for political dramas or stuff like that....i can care less if an FBI or CIA agent is following me, seriously. i do like some fantasy type stuff, mostly i like real fantasy, none of this dragons and mythical crap. historical stuff is amazing, hearing about kings and queens. i do enjoy a great love story, who doesn't. i basically like reading books that give me a sense of 'sure i can totally see that happening'.

so i started looking for recomendations, asking around but no one really matched my taste in books. i had recommended HP to Angela and she read the whole series in a flash and loved them. so i asked her if she had any good recommendations. she said she started reading this book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer she started describing it to me and i blatently told her 'Nah, i don't like vampire fantasy stuff' she said to trust her so i finally came around and read it.

Wow!!! i loved it, i read it so fast and didn't want to put it down. this was a book i could 'totally see that happening'. i finished it late last night and decided to go get the next book (it's a series of 3 books). i got to the library only to find that all 5 copies of that book were all checked out. in order for me to get the first book i had to wait aprox. 2 months on a waitlist. i didn't want to wait anymore so i headed over to B&N to buy it. luckily i still had the B&N giftcard my big brother gave to me for my birthday.

so i find the book and pick it up quickly and before i left i made my rounds to see if there were any other interesting books to pick up, might as well it was a gift right? i start skimming through books that catch my eye (i guess being a visual person, i really count on the cover art to grab me) then some girl asked 'are you looking for a good book to read?' i said 'sure, do recommend anything?' she seemed really nice and started asking if i liked the Twilight series and i said i just read the first but i was really interested. she started pointing out all these fantasy type books and stuff about witched and werewolves and i said 'hmm, ok'. i guess she was more interested in fantasy than i was. i tried to be polite but then she kept showing me all the books she had read basically all the Lord of the Rings type stuff. i kept thinking "No Thank You" but i'm a nice person and listened to her. afterall i did ask her what she'd thought was good.

she started telling me how she spends a lot of time at B&N and since she just got laid off of her job so she's been spending more and more time there. she looked young, about 19 or 20. apparently she was being harrassed at work and instead of laying off the guy they laid her off.

now, i begin to chuckle within because of the terms i'm using.....she told me she worked at this local 'Romance' store by where i live.


[[[[[[[[[ everytime Bri and i pass by this store i always make this comment like 'Oh...Romance Attack, let's go' completely being insincere. recently Bri has been saying that phrase even before i get a chance to and it really makes me laugh when he says it. so now it's this huge inside joke between us. maybe it's because the name of the store is funny 'Romance Attack' it's like ouch how is that supposed to be romantic?? ]]]]]]]]

she started telling me that guys would walk in and as she said 'the typical "will you lay me" type stuff'. TMI much???

anyhow, i kept realizing how certain stereotypes get placed. here is this young girl working at a romance attack completly into fantasy type stuff. i guess that's all, it is a bit funny in my opinion.


Loli said…
Ok, see - now Vampires are something I can totally get into. I might have to pick this book up... I probably won't read it right away since I have about 10 books I'm in the process of trying to read right now, but it's been SO long since I've read any good fiction. :)

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