so much for that

So my plan to go to the movies alone was not a 'great success'..... as soon as i told brian what i was doing he wanted to tag along. i kept telling him no and apparently he is all about reverse psychology because the more i said i wanted to go alone, the more he became involved. the day of, i got a phone call from him at work:

he said "hey babe, so tonight we're going to the mall, getting something to eat, and then we can go to the movies".....
i said "huh??? since when did you make a plan for tonight, is this a date?"
he says "yeah"
I say "i wanted to go alone"
he says "i really want to go with you"
i say "fine"
he says "we can go watch The Hammer it's playing at 10:40pm, that gives us enough time to go to the store and eat before"

yup.....he even picked out the movie. Whatever i guess, i really can't complain that he wants to spend time with me and sure i'd let him pick the movie this time.

When i got home from work we got ready to go out.....went to the mall to make a couple of purchases then decided to eat there. we were done by 9:20pm and this happened:

he says "are you tired?"
i say "kinda, why?"
he says "yeah i'm pretty tired too, do you still want to go the movies?"
i say "10:40pm is kinda late"
he says "let's just go home and watch a movie there"
i say "ok"

so my entire night was completely different than i had planned and at the same time it was kinda nice. I guess the only thing that really ended up going as planned was the cuddling.


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