feeling antsy

I have been feeling like i have "ants in the pants". Seriously, i haven't been able to sit still and i want some ice cream. i've been cleaning the house and trying to get some paperwork done for the Opera by monday. BLAH!!!! it is now 11:30 and i didn't get the house as clean as i wanted.....i was distracted by way too many things.

i started writing and when i mean writing, i don't mean typing. wow, i didn't realize how tired i would get from writing. so i decided to move my story on to the computer but i really don't want to do that now, i'm being lazy. instead i'll write on here.

just a couple days ago, i got a myspace message from one of my friends about this new game show having auditions. it is a dancing game show.....Master of Dance. they were looking for Non-Professional dancers who love to dance and have the moves to prove it. she saw that and thought of me instantly. sure, i love to dance.....what i meant to say was, dancing is my life. if i could not dance, i don't know what i'd do. Yes, i'm known at work for my dance moves and constantly saying "that's my jam" everytime a song i recognize plays on the stereo. apparently every song on the radio is "my jam". i'm a nerd what can i say.

the audition was in LA so i sent in my contact info and picture of me and no joke.....the very next morning i got a phone call. it went like this....

"Hi Marci"
"hello, i'm calling about the email we got from you for Master of Dance"
"oh yeah, HI"
"we'd like to see your moves, can you make it to the audition today?"
"Today???......well, i work late tonight, how late will you be auditioning??"
"we are done at 6pm"
"Oh....can i come in another day like Saturday?"
"No, auditions end today"
"Could i send in a video?"
"oh no, that deadline is up"
"Darn it"

so did i miss my opportunity??? my 15 minutes????

the other day at work we were talking about our childhood dreams and if we had accomplished any of them. i always dreamed of being a singer/dancer/actor.....the triple threat. I'm really no where near that. i have taken some dance classes every so often but never have i had any singing lessons and let's just say i'm not a natural talent in the singing dept. i can karaoke my socks off though :) I can act, kinda. Oh Well.

it would have been fun. but like i said in my previous blogs, i'm a chicken.....if no one goes with me, i don't do it. i need to stop being like that.

all my co-workers were upset that i didn't just go do it. we'll just wait to see if this show ever makes it to air. what if it's on like an obscure channel that no one really watches??? LOL

ants in the pants is all i have to say.....agh!! i gotta get up and do something else....Peace out!


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