Seattle or Bust...

So I've been wanting to go to Seattle since watching the movie Singles I always wanted to visit the apartment building they lived in. What is great is that at the end of the movie during the credits they pan out starting from the building and out to see the city including the space needle....i wonder if i can locate the building just using this as reference

Then i saw Mad Love which also took place in the Emerald City. Of course how could i forget about Grey's Anatomy??? It just seems like the greatest place.

but i finally decided to take a trip and conveniently it's pretty close to Forks, WA. I will be going sometime before Thanksgiving kinda as an anniversary trip. I need to start compiling a "Must Do" list for my trip or should i say 'our' trip since i always seem to leave hubby out of our planning.

Edit: I will be stopping by the original Starbucks!


Angela said…
sorry i didn't get back to you - been so busy studying for finals!! sounds like you're turning the WA trip into an anniversary trip, which sounds great!! hope you guys have a good time :)
Marci said…
we might use the in laws timeshare....*crosses fingers*

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