Master of the DANCE

If you go back and read one of my older posts "Feeling antsy" May 3rd. I spoke of this audition i missed for this new dance show......well it has aired and wow have i missed this great opportunity. Here is a YouTube video

Well...i signed up for a few dance intensives this summer at the local city college. Yup, today was my first class meeting, 2.5hrs of jazz (studying Bob Fosse style/technique) and 2.5hrs of modern/contemporary. They are consecutive classes, so it comes out to a total of 5hrs a day, 4days/week for 3 weeks!!!!

I am soooooo sore. my feet are killing me but it is soo worth it. As soon as the 3 weeks are over i start 3 weeks of Tap. Yes i'm going for it and hoping to lose some poundage while i'm at it. I don't think i'm going to really feel the pain until tomorrow morning. Sleep sounds good right about now.....


Angela said…
oh dude!! i saw loni love a few weeks ago at the improv and she was talking about the new show she was hosting and that it was gonna air that following weekend - i had no clue it was this show that you were gonna try out for!!
D said…
that's so awesome - good for you taking dance classes! You have to get on next season!!!

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