Urban Dictionary.....rocks my socks



Someone (usually a guy) that is so utterly fantastic and so close to perfection, inside and out, that he can be compared to no one else besides the fabulous Edward Cullen from Twilight.
"Look at that boy, he's so Edward! Get a look at those cheekbones, and those eyes!"

Look it up yourself Urban Dictionary


D said…
hahaha I'm surprised you haven't totally converted this blog into a Twilight blog.
Marci said…
i know...i'm trying not to but my mind is on one track these days.

maybe this obsession will slowly die down. who knows
Muggle Mom said…
hahahahaa!!!!! i LOVE it!

(found your blog off TM) :)
Golden_Topaz_Eyes_42 said…
I found your blog through TM's. I love this posting! It's awesome!

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