Comic Con wrap up....

Coming Soon (dot dot dot) let me just catch up on sleep first!


Ok so finally i feel as though i've caught up on sleep. It's been a pretty busy and amazing month.

I bought my ticket for comic con in the beginning of June and the event was taking place July 24. It did seem like forever away but i was excited to get to meet the author of Twilight and cast of the movie. So July 23, i tried to go to bed early because the idea was to get to San Diego by 5am and get into line. Now, this event is all about lines Trust Me!! i was carpooling with some friends and i told them to be at my house by 3am. We set up this phone list for all the TwilightMoms so we can know of any changes or any new info and keep upto date with all the happenings. I get a phone call at 10pm (yes i was finally asleep at his point for about 2hrs) it was one of the TwilightMoms saying "you should get here soon because the line is already starting to get long" so i asked her How long is long? she replied "about 50 people already" WTF the convention center doesnt even open until 9am!!!! so i started panicking, and i called my carpoolers and asked what they thought.....they were basically down to leave at that moment. so plans changed....i told them to be at my house by 2am, done!

we left and got to san diego by 3:30am and yes the line was already long but wait....there were 3 lines?!! I dropped Robyn off and went to look for parking. Robyn called me and said that there were 3 lines Line1: to get into Hall H for all the big panels, including Twilight. Line 2: Badge Pickup. Line 3: wasn't quite sure but it was the smallest so she got into it. It turned out line 2 was not the correct badge pickup line so everyone was sent to line 3...YES!! we were like 10th in line.

I decided to go down to Hall H to see if i recognized any of the TwilightMoms (TM) there were about 100 people in this line and at the end i found a TM and asked if we could stand with her and she said sure! Her name is Christina, she's pretty awesome. She basically held our spots for us while we picked up our badges. THIS IS THE SUCKY PART OF COMIC CON....YOU NEED BADGES TO GET IN LINE TO ENTER BUT, BADGE PICKUP AND DOORS FOR HALL H OPEN AT THE SAME TIME. so you can't obviously be in 2 lines at once.

After a bunch of line swapping and what not they actually opened badge pickup at 730am. so we raced up got our badges and headed towards the autograph line. YES, IN ORDER TO GET AN AUTOGRAPH YOU MUST WAIT IN ANOTHER LINE. the Twilight autographs were by lottery and that was not going to start until 9am. so we headed back to Hall H to wait out the next hour. I ran into some more TMs shout out to HOLLIE!!! we headed back for the lottery and there was no line it was a free for all, madness i tell you it was the worst experience...especially after finding out that they were only having 70 winning tickets. 70 TICKETS FOR OVER 7,000 PEOPLE!??!?! I decided it wasnt worth losing my spot in line so i ran as fast as i could back to Hall H and my people had already gone in and they basically told us that we had to go to the back of the 3miles away. DAMNIT what do we do now?? Something that I don't usually do but, this was important I WAS GONNA CUT. I found the Twilighters Anonymous girls and they let me in. I'm a huge fan!!! Shout out to Anna, Rachel, Nicole and Sammi. so we got in and I found Robyn and she was able to save us seats pretty close to the front.

There were a few panels before ours, The Day the Earth Stood Still w/ Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connoly - Max Payne w/ Mark Wahlberg, Ludacris - Push w/ Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans - The Happening w/ Nicholas Cage (who didnt make an appearance)
There was a Special Surprise Appearance by this guy....

Then Twilight

There was an interesting question asked at the end of this clip....i'd like to know the answer

Do you like Phil Collins??

it was pretty amazing and amazingly loud!!
I was starving at this point so we found the Twilighters Anonymous (TA) girls and went to eat something... thumbs up!

We went back into Hall H for another panel Rocknrolla w/ Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven it was pretty freakin funny. we ended up getting vouchers for free tshirts and as we went to claim them in the FULLFILLMENT ROOM (yes that's the name) we ran into Gerard "Gerry" Butler. He's hot, and if you don't know who he is, he's this guy He is pretty awesome and hot....and funny as hell. He told some lady, dressed in blue who asked him a question, that she was "F*ckin Weird". He was right on! He couldnt pose with us for pics Oh least i met him.

this is what i looked like by the end of the day... 20hrs awake (talk about Frizz-o-mania)


D said…
awesome!!! Sounds a lot like our day on Saturday! hahah.. we just registered for 4 day passes for 2009! :)

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