birthday wishes i dont ask much for my birthday. usually it's just to get together with good friends and share laughs. though this year i've been really wanting to get "stuff" let me list these...

1. Beach Cruiser
2. Comic Con tickets
3. Singer Buttonholer (which i already kinda found, thanks etsy)

Brian has already said he'd get me my tickets to Comic Con! woohoo!!
Now do i truly need any of these other things?? Not really. I have been looking for a buttonholer for awhile now and thanks to etsy i've found one in a cute pink case too.
The beach cruiser is more of a neccessity in the sense that I live in a mile radius of all the places i ususally go....Target, AMC, The Mall, Groceries, Mom&Dad's, MiniGolf. In my opinion this is the way I should be getting there. I've been putting up ads on Freecycle for anyone with a beach cruiser that is graciously giving it away....i would gladly take it off their hands!

So now I bring you to iKaraoke. I love to karaoke, truly. So what better way to karaoke all the time??? Somehow I must get this. how can i start a Marci Birthday fund??? lol


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