an emotional day...

oh boy....what an emotional day yesterday was.

First, I got laid off because my company is closing down. Yes, i knew about this but was hoping that somehow they would try and stay open. It was sad. Not only was it raining outside but there was a dark cloud hanging over our building. I've been working for this company for the past 4 years and now i have to say goodbye. I'm a bit nervous about what to do next....are there any jobs out there right now with the economy the way it is?? who knows but, this left me thinking a lot yesterday.

I started my day early....getting to the polling place first thing and casting my vote. walking out of there with my "i voted" sticker made me feel so good. then i got to work to find everyone started to pack away all their personal items from the office and saying their final goodbyes. they are trying to sell the building to help pay some bills. here is an article about it in the local paper
The OC Register in that article you will find a slideshow of pictures from our last production that i worked on.

On my way home i felt a bit of worry for my future. will i be able to pay my bills, what about my mortgage?? I guess i wasnt the best person to be around.

Then as the election day was ending and we found out who our new president would be. I had the wind knocked out of me. I started crying because the words that Barack Obama was speaking made me feel hope that with hard work WE CAN and will rise above all this. I literally had not cried that hard in a long time.


D said…
I had no idea about Opera Pacific! That's so so so sad! I'm sorry you've been laid off. You might try landing a job in costume design at Disneyland?

I also felt the same way about Obama's speech - even if I didn't vote for him I can't remember being that moved by a politician speaking - EVER. (I didn't vote McCain either, but I really want a 3rd party to show up on the national level so every year I vote for a 3rd.)

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