where have i been??

it is true i was sucked into a black whole and have found my way back. Life has been pretty insane these days. I started the new job in December but it was only temporary but they did ask me back for future shows. I am now working on an opera being performed at UCLA. It should be fun, it's coming up fast.

my holidays were great as always i had way too much to eat and drink. i would say that christmas rocked my socks this year.

So we started this new year like we did last year..... half asleep. Am i just getting old or what?? we really couldnt find the energy to do anything big after all i did have to work a full day on Jan 1.

Things seem to be going ok so far, other than being a little tight with money things are just doing what they always do and that is move forward. For the last couple weeks i have been thinking a lot about what this year means. Well, it marks the 10th anniversary of graduating from high school, holy crap! now, there is no way time can go by that fast, blah, everyone says stuff like that. you know that question they always ask you in high school.. "where do you see yourself in 10years?"

my answer then: working in NY doing something important on Broadway.
what i'm actually doing: working on theatre in southern California

well i guess it's pretty close to what i wanted but not quite in the same location, just a few thousands miles away. the thought has crossed my mind though, getting up and going, moving to New York just to do it. i'm sure now wouldn't be the ideal time with the way the economy is and having to drop jobs that we already have now is pretty stupid.

maybe in a few years and please let me not say that and not mean it.


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