i love when moments like the one i'm about to tell you, happen.....

the other morning i had a production meeting at the college i work at. this place is located about 40min away from my home. as soon as the meeting was over i needed to get home to work on some notes for the opera this weekend. by this time, it was lunch time (the tum was growling up a storm) so i needed some food fast. yes i have been trying to eat better and not do the fast food drive thru thing but i couldnt help it, there was an In N Out right by the freeway. I placed my order and then called the hubbs to see what he was having for lunch. he was out on a call for work (he usually drives a lot of places all around the county) but he said he was on his way to pick up some lunch at In N Out. i love this man, great minds think alike, and told him i was actually doing the same. then i asked him which one he was at and you know what he said to me?? he was parking at the same location i was at and i thought that was sweet, of all places we meet and lunch at the same place, same time, with no planning.

kismet i tell you, kismet.

what is so wonderful about this is that our schedules have not been lining up these days. i've been working 12+hrs and he leaves so early that i'm fast asleep and dont even notice he's gone. bummer i know!


D said…
That's awesome! I love that too!

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