dont judge me

Lately i've been thinking how appreciative I've been for my friends and how wonderful they are...

I've never really had friendships in which i can speak freely about anything. I tend to hold back a lot.... A LOT. it feels nice to be able to get things off my chest and not worry about judgement over my thoughts and ideas as they flash through my mind. i don't always have the best way to communicate these things so the thought that you can take what i tell you and completely understand is awesome! i know you probably won't read this but i'll state it anyway...There are a few people out there, and you know who you are that know a massive amount about me that i would never share with anyone. well... except these people:

[I'd like to state the following about these certain peeps, In no particular order]

1. I think you're super duper Rad... and made of awesomeness!
2. Even though i feel let down by you sometimes, you always find a way to make me laugh about it.
3. I tend to over step my bounds and i apologize but thanks for being my friend anyway.
4. You're cute and I think i'll keep you.... you make me smile, really.
5. You're always down for whatever... lets take a trip somewhere soon!!
6. I don't know about you but i'm waaaay over Subway, lets go to Togo's! (i know they don't have $5 footlongs but if i know you, you'll go with me anyway)
7. I know i'm obsessed but thanks for accepting me that way.
8. I will gladly accept the compliments... yeah i know i'm horrible at accepting them when you tell me.
9. I've learned so much from you, thank you for these opportunities.
10. Keep attempting to grow that beard... HAhhaha.

If you think i'm talking about you.... you're probably wrong... or are you??


D said…
I know #10 is all about me... and no matter what you say, I'll never give up!!!!
Marci said…
wow... i thought i was doing pretty good at making these as ambiguous as possible.
Alexis said…
down for whatevas holmes.
Marci said…
ponytail guy NO MORE!!! LOL
Anna_Kramer said…
I heart you friend!

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