traitor... complimented

i do feel a bit like a traitor... seriously, a traitor. I went to Coffee Bean. yes i'm a coffee snob. i do enjoy Starbucks and can't quite seem to get the taste for "other" coffee places anyhow...

I was down at the Coffee Bean ordering their version of a frappacino, the ice blended and i was answering the usual questions whip? yes, reciept? nah... then the guy behind the counter hands me back my debit card and says "thank you come back and visit us soon" and as i was saying "ok, thanks" i noticed this guy said something under his breath "...because, you're beautiful". It did sound pretty clear to me but you always have to ask again so i said "excuse me?" and he said, smiling, "your coffee will be ready in a bit"

whoa... is it just me or does "because you're beautiful" sound completely different than "your coffee will be ready in a bit"

haha it was a bit confusing at first but it was actually a really nice compliment. Now, i'm horrible at taking compliments so i kept giving this guy a weird look and he had this funny smirk on his face. i guess i'll take the compliment now.

pretty ok for being a traitor.

will i ever buy coffee bean again?? NEVER!!

i'm a coffee snob for life!


Alexis said…
CB fo life! LOL

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