EFFFFF this! Phase 1 is back on!

In December I wrote out a list of things i wanted to do before i was 30. i made a plan to set out and complete them. one of the main goals for this year was to lose major poundage!! This part was called "Phase 1"

Phase 1 was going pretty good for the first 4 months, i stopped drinking soda and eating junk food and keep my portions pretty small. i lost 1 whole pant size in the first 3 months and i was getting a lot of compliments on my skin because i was downing water like no ones business. I wasn't really working out rather walking instead of driving.
Well, phase one started failing when i started drinking soda again and i completely gave up. i could make tons of excuses but unfortunately i just got lazy (one of my loveliest attributes).

as of this post Phase 1 is back on track. I am tired of feeling fat and have my clothes not fit me anymore. I came across a site of a woman losing weight and keeping herself accountable by taking pictures of her meals for the day and posting them on her weightloss blog. She has since lost a total of 34lbs in 6 months, she also has a trainer which helps. i will be doing this poor man style, no gym, no trainer, all on my own. Genius!!

i will be starting my own weightloss blog to keep myself on the straight and narrow, here i go!!



D said…
you can totally do it! Soda is the hardest for me too. There are certain foods that for some reason just don't feel as tasty without the soda - like pizza crust and cheeseburgers! I hate diet drinks, but the Cherry Coke Zero is not bad (the Vanilla one isn't bad either but it reminds me of vodka drinks... so I can't drink it on it's own) so I drink that when I need a soda fix. Also, do you have a wii?

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