a story...

i started jotting down my ideas for stories that i wanted to possibly write into a book someday. here is one that i wrote, it kinda made me laugh

The phone rings and I pick up. He was on the other end "what are you doing today, want to hang out?" I said "sure"
"I'm on my way to pick you up" he said. I rushed up to my room and made sure I was dressed appropriately. The door bell rang, he was outside.
"whats up" his voice sounded so charming and sweet in a cool nonchalant sort of way. "what are we gonna go do?" I asked him, he said "we're gonna drive". That sounded like fun. Actually, just hanging out with him was fun, no matter what the plan was. He got on the freeway and just started driving. We started talking about our favorite authors and I felt so dumb. I'm not an avid reader so I only had school required reading to talk about. Still this was good enough to keep the conversation going.

It started getting darker, daylight disappearing only made me feel more comfortable. Why is that? Why do we somehow feel more at ease in the evening. Does the dark of night help conceal a part of us that sunlight exposes too much of??

We started driving around a neighborhood that was familiar to me. I told him "you know my friend lives by here" he offered to drive me there to see if my friend wanted to hang out with us. Once we arrived at my friends home, I jumped out of the car and rang her doorbell. She answered and I told her we were out and about on a drive. It was pretty late and she was already in her pajamas but, she came out to talk to us anyway. After a bit of small talk we said our goodbyes and parted ways. I had noticed some tension so I asked "do you like her?" I had a feeling I knew the answer but was still hoping I had some kind of chance with him.
He said "she's cool... actually, I already knew she lived there, I've passed by before" I knew there was something odd about this whole situation. At that moment I turned into a total girl.
"well, after all, she's perfect why wouldn't you like her"
"how is she perfect?" he asked
"well let's see, she's tall, she's pretty, she drives a great car"
"you're pretty too, you just have to work on some things"
Hold the boat, he just told me I was pretty. I felt like I wanted to hear more of what he thought of me... but, what did he mean by having to work on some things? It started getting really late so he started driving me home. I didn't want to get out of the car. I wanted to stay with him. These moments in life always seem to go by so fast but last in our memories for a lifetime.

Another day gone by with this incredible guy, so many questions and I was too scared to ask for fear of getting let down. Should I tell him how I feel or would that be the worst mistake I could make. Only time will tell


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