whine and cheese

when i was a kid i was always told to stop whining. at the time i never understood why or how i could be whining if i was just 'being myself'. did that mean i was naturally a whiny person? i guess so. as i grew up i tried my hardest not to be annoying in that sense.

now, i look back at my life and realize maybe i was whiny for a reason. maybe i was tired of having everything in my life feel so unfair. i won't get into details but i feel as though i need to catch a break now.... somehow. i know that i should never expect anything to be handed to me and yes i've always been told we are not given anything in life that we cannot handle. i know i'm a strong person and i believe i can overcome many things but give me a damn break already!!!

ok let's face it, i get jealous of people. so what?! i do and i'm ok with admitting it. so why can't i have what they have??

i'm such a brat sometimes!


Alexis said…
i think being jealous gives you an extra push to make your situation more like what someone else has. i think jealousy is better than saying youre envious of someone. idk, if you werent jealous of anyone you would be telling yourself that youre life is exactaly how you want it to be and that you dont want anything more from your life. im jealous of a lot of people which is why i push myself to get what they have. im jealous of my friends in the nursing program and that they both are engaged. shit, why should i keep my jealously bottled in? im straight up with ppl and i tell ppl all the time if im jealous of how thin they are or if their hair looks killer. voice your jealousy, maybe it would make that persons day better. im jealous that you started loosing weight so i started watching my calories and lost a pound last week. it all works out in the end! lol.

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